About Us

Founded in 1984 Willetts Safaris is a small, independent safari operator specialising in providing bespoke safaris and extended mountain biking and walking safaris in East Africa for small groups, either families or close friends, who are looking to experience a trip that is a bit more intimate and provides more authentic contact with the people and country through which they are travelling than is normally the case on more conventional safaris.

Because of our small group sizes we generally stay in places that are not included in most of the larger tour operators’ itineraries and we select accommodation they tend not to use because the logistics involved are often more complicated and difficult to organise. This means that even at the busiest times of the year it is possible to avoid the crowds.

We do not have set itineraries but prefer to tailor safaris after consultation with you and reaching an understanding of what it is you are looking for from your holiday. This helps to ensure you get the maximum from your trip.  We also prefer not to mix groups so you are independent of other travellers and can dictate how you spend your time without having to worry about other people. This can be particularly important when out on game drives, since people often have very different opinions on how long to spend in one spot looking at a particular bird or animal. However, we would always advocate spending more time appreciating what you are seeing rather than constantly rushing from A to B to tick things off a list.

Following the maxim that less is more we recommend you spend more time in fewer locations rather than trying to cover everything in one visit. Very few of our clients have only been once - most enjoy the experience so much they often come back again and again!

We employ local drivers, guides and camp staff to look after you, all of whom have a wealth of experience in their particular fields and have an intimate knowledge of the areas you will be visiting. Many have worked closely with us over many years to make sure our clients get the most from their trips and some have also helped us to put together a number of activities that are unique to Willetts Safaris.

We are closely involved with local communities and wherever possible utilise local people, locally owned shops and services to support our safaris. In addition to supporting the local economy in this way, we are also actively involved in a number of fund raising activities and help a number of charities with their implementation of health and education projects in the region. This means that not only do you have a fantastic time but you directly benefit the people of the area and help to preserve wilderness areas for future generations.

Willetts Safaris Ltd is a Private Limited Company incorporated in the UK.  Company number: 07978684