We have developed two Mountain Bike Safaris, both involving 4-5 days in the saddle over a variety of terrain and both should be regarded as a significant physical challenge. These challenges are used by a number of charities as a fund raisers for their projects in the region, much in the same way that people climb Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money through sponsorship. The safaris appeal to people looking for adventure in remote places and they need to be physically fit and prepared to bike and walk over rough terrain for many hours each day. The reward is an unforgettable experience in some of Kenya's least visited and most spectacular areas.
In addition to a number of popular short walks, for example the Gorge Walk at Hell's Gate and the Bird Walks at Lake Baringo, we have developed a range of walks in Maasailand to suit all abilities, from short bush walks of around two hours, to longer walks that take several days. Walking provides people with the opportunity to enjoy and learn about herbal medicines and bushcraft skills of the local people, as well as the very different experience of seeing wildlife whilst on foot. Moving at a slower pace than is normally the case on a conventional safari allows people to enjoy the sounds and smells of the bush and see much that would be missed if driving in a 4x4 vehicle.
It is about an hour and a half north of Nairobi to our friends at Savage Wilderness, who pioneered white water rafting in Kenya. A day trip here, at the start of a safari is very popular with many of our clients, particularly those who are looking for a bit of an adventure during their time in Kenya. We can also organise kayaking at the same time and, for the really adventurous a 3 day expedition on the Athi River, providing a combination of exhilarating white water and stunning views of African wildlife in its natural habitat as part of the trip takes you along the border of Tsavo East National Park.