We work for and with a number of charities to organise trips on their behalf and help raise funds for development projects in Kenya. For a number of years we have supported these charities by organising the logistics for groups and individuals travelling on personal development programmes to ensure that everyone concerned gets the maximum value from the experience. For many these are life-changing trips and many return again to carry out further voluntary work or to introduce their friends and family to a part of the world they have felt privileged to visit.

These charities often use our on-the-ground experience to help them establish and manage new projects and make sure their money is not only being wisely spent but is also getting to the right people and being used for the purposes originally intended.

Most of the programmes we have been involved in have been supporting education and healthcare in rural areas. Through this experience we have learnt how apparently small things can make a big difference and now consciously look at how best we can support the local communities in which we are operating. Wherever possible we place our business with small, local operators and employ local people to help support our clients. At its simplest level this means we use local shops for provisions for our safaris rather than bulk buying from large supermarket chains in Nairobi.

The way we manage our safaris means we are closely involved with the communities in the areas in which we are operating and we have instigated a number of projects which we are managing and funding through donations and support from many of our clients who have been touched by the welcome they have received from these communities. If we happen to have clients with the appropriate skills we often persuade them to run bush clinics and nursery classes. Doing this not only helps the local community but also often inspires our visitors to provide additional support in the future.

Our current projects include sinking boreholes to provide water for isolated villages, providing water filtration systems in areas where there is water but the quality is poor and developing education facilities in places where many children are denied an education because of their remoteness from the nearest schools. We are also very keen to help communities increase their revenue so they are able to sustain the infrastructure development these projects are delivering.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to some of these projects. We run a charity walk “Walking the Maasai Way” for a UK based charity, developmentDIRECT. This walk involves a five day trek through Maasailand passing through our three main walking destinations of Maji Moto, Siana Plains and Olorte with optional time in the Mara at the end. If you are interested in finding out more about the charity or in taking part in the walk then further details can be obtained through: http://www.developmentdirect.org.uk and Walking the Maasai Way or you can make a donation to our “Water in Maasailand” project at: http://www.justgiving.com/John-Blissett