The village of Luanda lies between Homa Bay and Mbita in Western Kenya, on the shore of Lake Victoria, where most people find a living in fishing or largely subsistence agriculture. Our association with the area goes back many years and we work closely with a local organisation, VIAGENCO, to help improve education and healthcare facilities in the region.

We are frequently involved in handling the logistics for a number of UK organisations who regularly send voluntary workers to help people in the Mbita District of Kenya including doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers. The nearest suitable accommodation is expensive and some distance away, requiring costly transport to get the volunteers to and from work. We are helping to build a new guest house, behind the VIAGENCO clinic that will be used to accommodate visitors, thereby making the clinic a more viable destination for volunteers operating on tight budgets. 

Medical professionals, as part of their training, can opt to spend a month’s elective, based in a poor rural community, where there is a back-to-basics, low-tech, approach to medicine, with the emphasis on preventative care. Having a suitable guest house would allow the local clinic at VIAGENCO to attract these professionals, directly benefitting the local community and providing invaluable experience for the UK’s future doctors, nurses, midwives and dentists.
The land for a guest house has been acquired and construction is well under way with most of the external fabric now completed. Funds are still required to finish the interior, provide plumbing, wiring and furnishing. A number of individuals and organisations are supporting this project and we are optimistic that it will be complete and ready for use early in 2013.