We have put together our classic safari after identifying a number of locations that have proved the most popular with our clients over many years. It provides people with an excellent combination of time spent around one of the Rift Valley's beautiful fresh water lakes, contact with the iconic Maasai people and unsurpassed game viewing in one of the world's premier wildlife destinations. It is always possible to extend the trip to include other destinations, depending on how much time people have available.

Day 1  Arrive in Nairobi  Wildebeest Eco Camp 
Day 2 Nairobi Park  Wildebeest Eco Camp 
Day 3-5 Naivasha Twiga House
Day 6-7   Labentera  Maasai Community Camp 
Day 8-11 Maasai Mara  John's Camp 
Day 12 Return to Nairobi