It is a short drive to Nairobi National Park, which is a remarkable and unique wildlife area close to Nairobi City Centre. The savannah ecosystem is comprised of open grass plains with scattered acacia bush along with highland dry forest to the west, permanent rivers and riverine forest. Man-made dams have added a further habitat that attract a wide variety of birdlife. Major wildlife attractions are black and white rhino, lion, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, eland along with a host of other large mammal species and over 400 species of birds. A day's outing to the park is a very popular excursion for our clients and is a great way to start a Kenyan safari.

The park covers an area of 117 square kilometres and is largely surrounded by the Nairobi suburbs which are increasingly threatening the park's existence. The crucial corridors to the south across the Mbagathi River and Kitengela are being rapidly developed. If this continues the developments will end up closing off the migration corridor the animals have always used to get to the Kapiti and Athi Plains which will prove catastrophic for the Park's future.

Established in 1946 the park was Kenya's first National Park and remains a draw to visitors and residents alike. Sitting in amongst the wildlife, with the Nairobi city skyline as a backdrop is a most surreal experience and one can only hope the people of Nairobi see sense and stop the developments and encroachments that are currently happening.