Following another early breakfast the group will be transported by 4x4 south to Olorte deep in the southern Loita Hills, an extremely remote and isolated region close to the Tanzanian border and the Forest of the Lost Child, where the local people seldom see any visitors and even the Maasai from outside the area fear to go. This area is a complete contrast to anything the group will have seen previously with life here much as it has been for centuries and the people completely untouched by modern civilization. This move into the lands of the Loita Maasai means we will be saying goodbye to Moses and Nickson and using new, local guides and camp staff for the remainder of the trip.

Olkoroi, high in the Loita Hills, by thick forest and clear streams is an eco-camp that has been set up by the local community as the result of the dedication and inspiration of an ardent conservationist, South African born Andre Brink, who has dedicated the last ten years to persuading this community of the importance of preserving their pristine environment. He is now being supported by a small UK charity and an old friend, Hennie Marais, who is helping to manage the projects it sponsors.

Following arrival and lunch the group will meet their new guides and be taken on a short forest walk to see some of the abundant wildlife including hippo and the colobus monkeys that give the camp its name and if not the animals themselves at least the fresh signs of elephant and buffalo.
There may also be chance to visit the local women who are now producing beadwork for sale under Hennie's wife's supervision. Afterwards there will be time for a quick bath in the river before dark and animals come to drink.

Day 6 & 7 Elephant Walk and Cultural Experience
The time at Olkoroi will be packed with a variety of very special activities that have been designed by Andre and John to provide intimate contact with this true wilderness and its people. Over the next two days the group will be split in two. Andre and John have decided that for people to get the most from their visit here they need to be in smaller groups when moving through the thicker forest and bush, where the wildlife is extremely shy and very sensitive to noise and disturbance.

Both groups will go on a full day’s walk, up ancient and still used elephant paths, through the forest to the more open plateau land at around seven and half thousand feet with outstanding views across to Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Natron and Ol Donyo Lengai. At the end of the day the night will be spent in the open sleeping under the stars with the minimum of kit and taking it in turns to keep watch through the night with the guards.

On the final day the groups will again spend the day exploring the area on foot making a fitting climax to the walk - an adventure in a true wilderness.