Our Elephant Safari results from a lifetime's knowledge of elephants and our deep concern over the massive reduction in elephant numbers in recent years. Using this experience and knowledge we have put together an exceptional itinerary that takes you to see the Elephant Orphans of Nairobi, Umani Springs and Ithumba, the Forest Elephants of the Aberdare Mountains and the teeming wildlife of the Maasai Mara. All these areas are home to a diverse range of other wildlife and the trip provides the opportunity for some exceptional wildlife viewing, in addition to personal contact with the elephants.

Where possible we stay in small, private locations to provide an intimate encounter with some of Kenya's wildest places, without compromising on quality or comfort. The majority of the places we stay are not used by mainstream operators which means we can avoid the crowds by taking you away from the normal tourist routes. It also means that each safari is limited to a maximum of six people, allowing us to provide the correct level of personal service and is ideally suited to families and small groups of close friends.

The safari lasts two weeks as per the schedule summarised below. Further details can be found in the supporting pages that provide information about each place we visit, all of which are very different, both scenically and in the wildlife to be found there.

Day 1  Arrive in Nairobi  Wildebeest Eco Camp 
Day 2 Elephant Orphange Hunter's Lodge
Day 3-4  Kibwezi Forest Umani Springs
Day 5-6  Tsavo East  Ithumba
Day 7   Nyeri Outspan Hotel 
Day 8-9 Aberdares Rhino Retreat
Day 10   Narok Seasons Hotel 
Day 11-13 Maasai Mara  John's Camp 
Day 14 Return to Nairobi