Situated in the northern area of Tsavo East, the 3,000 square kilometre expanse around Ithumba is completely devoid of people, giving way to a vast array of wildlife. Ithumba is home to some of Kenya’s most spectacular species, with elephant herds wallowing in the mud, giraffe striding across the plains and dik-dik scampering through the bush. Ithumba Camp sits close to the action offering an intimate experience of some of Kenya’s most remarkable wild spaces. It is possible to take game drives in this remote and rarely visited part of Tsavo as well as walking along the Tiva River with armed rangers as an escort.

Ithumba camp is owned and managed by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and consists of three exclusive camps: Ithumba Camp, Hill Camp and Private Camp designed for people who relish being off the beaten track, with big skies, star-studded nights and a rich array of fascinating species in the surrounding wild landscape. Guests can immerse themselves in the sounds of nature whilst close by is the Ithumba Reintegration Unit which people have the opportunity to visit, getting up close to orphaned elephants that are being put back into the wild. It is a very special experience in a part of one of Kenya's great Game Parks that is very rarely visited by the general public. The camp is only open to elephant orphan sponsors and we will organise for you to become a sponsor before the safari to enable you to stay here.