Umani Springs is a stunning property nestled in the Kibwezi Forest overlooking waterholes fed by the Umani Springs and we will have exclusive use of it during our stay. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has a concession to protect and preserve this diverse 16,000 acre ground water Forest, which borders the Chyulu Hills National Park. Because of its lush environment, all manner of creatures call the Kibwezi Forest home, from butterflies and buffalo to elephants and elands. Throughout the year, the forest is alive with birds singing and branches swaying. Gazetted in 1936, the Kibwezi Forest is now part of a network of protected zones under the protection of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in partnership with the Kenya Forest Service, communities and others. Since 2011, the SWT has made enormous progress in reversing environmental degradation of past years. Today, the forest is rapidly regenerating and its wild residents are flourishing. It is also home to the SWT’s newest Reintegration Unit, which offers physically compromised elephants a path to a wild future. Umani Springs Lodge sits within the heart of the Kibwezi Forest, giving guests the opportunity to experience this truly special sanctuary.

All revenue generated from this facility off-sets the concession fees payable to the Kenya Forest Service and the costs associated with the sustainable protection and preservation of this uniquely beautiful yet essentially fragile ecosystem. By staying at Umani Springs you are directly contributing to the protection of this area.