East Africa’s Game Parks include some of the best known wildlife viewing destinations in the world. Places like the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara receive large numbers of visitors and have been made famous by countless documentaries. Some are huge and bigger than some countries. Tsavo East and West combine to make up a vast wilderness area that is larger than Israel. Others, like Saiwa Swamp, are tiny and have been established to protect specific habitats and endangered species.

All are different and all offer visitors their own unique experience and individually are all worth visiting which makes selecting where to go very difficult, particularly when most people are constrained by both budget and time.

For many people a wildlife safari is about seeing the “Big 5”. Whilst appreciating the attraction of seeing rhino, elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard in the wild there should be far more to travelling in this part of the world and we encourage our clients to enjoy some of the less well known and rarer species as well as getting to know the people and a very different culture.

At Willetts we try and match where people go with what they want to see and do. We have provided details of some of the more popular destinations as well as some rarely visited parks that hold a particular attraction. Many of these form part of a very different safari that we run called the Secret 7.

Wherever people end up we like to believe they will have the trip of a lifetime and many people come back again and again, either to revisit somewhere special or to experience and see new things.