Ruma National Park is a small game park that is completely out of the way of the normal tourist routes. As a result it is very quiet: you are likely to be the only one there! It was gazetted primarily to protect its small population of roan antelope.

The park is situated in the Lambwe Valley in between the hills of South Nyanza. It is mostly open country with herds of larger herbivores roaming the light bush. As well as the chance of seeing roan antelope the park is also home to a number of species that are here on the extreme easterly edge of their range. These include Jackson's hartebeest and oribi as well as a large population of Rothschild's giraffe and buffalo. We had a great day in the park recently when we saw one of the White Rhinos that have been re-located into the park, followed by some great views of a leopard by the river!

In 2012 the Kenya Wildlife Service relocated 21 Black Rhino to the park and it is hoped this population will breed successfully, making the park far more attractive to casual visitors than is currently the case.

The area is also very good for the bird watcher and is home to unusually large numbers of eagles and owls as well as an impressive list of other birds, many also being found here on the easternmost limit of their ranges

We are often in this area through our links with a couple of UK-based charities and regularly bring groups of teachers, nurses and doctors on professional development visits to the region. Unfortunately their time is often so constrained they are unable to make it to the park which is a shame as it is always a pleasant and peaceful excursion. Even if the variety of animals is fairly limited the novelty of what can be seen is normally worth the effort.

The only accommodation in the park is the small KWS guest-house which sleeps up to 8 people and is available on a self catering basis with a fully equipped kitchen and all bedding provided. The alternative is to stay in one of the hotels in Homa Bay or Mbita. We tend to use  Lake Victoria Safari Village when staying in this part of the world and drive into the park for the day.

Lake Victoria Safari Village is a small hotel situated on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria in peaceful surroundings, 3 km from Mbita town and just inland of Rusinga and Mfangano islands.  The village consists of attractive round traditional huts thatched with papyrus reeds. Each double room has its own bathroom with shower and a private veranda overlooking the lake. It is a comfortable place with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere - a perfect place to relax while gazing out over the lake and the islands beyond.

The lake is famous for its fishing. There are plenty of tilapia, a sweet tasting local favourite caught along the lakeshores, but the real draw here is the Nile Perch, the world's largest freshwater fish. Nile Perch reach massive proportions and are a formidable fighting opponent. The lake’s current record is a 90 kg trophy. Fishing trips on the lake, in traditional canoes powered by an outboard engine or modern speedboats can be arranged.