We regularly organise trips for doctors, nurses, teachers and students on personal development programmes and electives as well as school groups keen to develop their understanding of life and culture in the developing world. Working in rural schools and clinics provides visitors with intimate contact with the country and its people.

The recent growth in adventure and charity challenges, such as climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, has resulted in a number of charities asking us to put together something different that they can offer as a challenge for people to raise funds through sponsorship.

We work closely with these charities to ensure our visits deliver benefit to the communities being visited as well as providing a unique opportunity for visitors to find out what life is really like for the majority of the world's population. These trips make deep and long lasting impressions and invariably prove to be life changing experiences for those involved.

We organise visits for a number of different types of group including:

Medical Students
Nursing Students
Parents & Kids

Willetts’ extensive knowledge and experience means we have a reliable network of local contacts for transport and accommodation, most of whom we have been working with for many years. Only local guides and staff are used, all recruited from neighbouring communities so you are directly benefiting the people of the areas you are staying in, rather than some faceless business from outside the area.