Recognising the need to come up with a new challenge Willetts Safaris has designed a number of expeditions to provide both a physical and mental challenge, to have minimal environmental impact and provide direct financial support to local communities.

Apart from the physical challenges presented, the routes all involve travelling through some very remote areas of Maasailand and camping in wilderness areas amongst large numbers of wild animals including lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo.

Two different tribal groups, the Purku and Loita Maasai, have given us permission to travel across their homeland and camp close to remote villages. This is not only a once in a lifetime chance to walk and cycle in close contact with Africa’s big game, it is also a chance to learn how the Maasai way of life has remained largely unchanged for centuries. People will learn about their society, their lives and how they utilise the natural resources around them.

The expeditions pass through a vast tract of land that includes Kenya’s premier safari destination and the routes, along with the necessary support infrastructure, have been planned and put together by a number of groups of people, all with many years of experience of organising and leading safaris in the area.

Around Maji Moto and the Siana Plains by John Blissett, Nickson Merku and Moses Letoluo.

From the Loita Hills to Shompole by John Blissett and Cyrus Kereto.

In the southern Loita Hills by John Blissett, Andre Brink, Parit Ole Kashu and Leudi Ole Nyarket.

Between them they have developed four new expeditions:

Walking the Maasai Way is a 7 day walking adventure across the plains of Maji Moto and Siana and through the forests of Olorte.

The Maasai Biathlon consists of 4 days of walking across the plains of Maji Moto and Siana and the forests of Olorte along with 2 days cycling through the Loita Hills.

From Heaven to Hell is a 7 day walk through the beautiful, scenic Loita Hills, down a rugged Escarpment to the baking salt pans of below Lake Magadi ending under Shompole Mountain.

Mountain Biking is a 5 day bike ride across the Siana Plains, through the Loita Hills then down to the floor of the Great Rift Valley finishing in an extremely remote area to the south of Lake Magadi.

It is possible for us to vary all of the expeditions to suit individual requirements. They can be extended, or we can put together different combinations of mountain biking and walking depending on what people want to do.  In all cases the expeditions are wild adventures into remote areas that receive very few visitors.