Our Maasai Biathlon combines walking with mountain biking. The route is similar to that followed when Walking the Maasai Way with one key difference: the transfer between Labentera and Olorte is done by mountain bike.

Again the expediton starts by the road between Ewaso Ngiro to Sekanani, with the first night spent near Maji Moto. On the second day the route starts by crossing the flat, open plains around Maji Moto and then on through light thornbush and more rolling country to the village of Lebantera where we have set up an exclusive campsite on the hilly slopes close by and there are stunning views over the surrounding plains that are home to a rich and diverse range of wildlife.

The second day is a long, hot walk, covering about 25 kms over hard, stony ground and people will need to drink plenty of water and make sure their footwear is well broken in or they will end up with blisters and struggle with the rest of the trip.

That night, as dusk is falling we will slaughter and barbecue a sheep and share it with the people from the village and there is likely to be plenty of singing and dancing. This will also be the perfect occasion to talk to the women and children of the village and learn more about their traditional way of life.

At the end of the visit to the village it is a short walk back to Ilparakuo Camp for a nightcap by the fire before turning on for the night. At night leopard and hyena can often be heard close to the camp and it is not unknown for lion and elephant to also come close. We employ askaris (guards) at night to make sure these animals don't come too close to the camp.

The bike ride from Labentera to Olorte climbs up and over the southern end of the Loita Hills in two stages, rising from around 5,000 feet to about 8,000 feet, before dropping down to Olkoroi Camp. The distance covered is just over 90 kms and takes nearly three hours in a 4 x 4 vehicle over very rough terrain which is why the bike ride is split over two days, with the night in between being spent at our new camp of Entargotua, between Naikara and Entasekera. The first day is the toughest as this is when the bulk of the climbing is done, from Labentera, past Naikara and into the Leserin Hills. A slightly easier second day continues on through black cotton soil before dropping down to Entasekara and finally Olorte.

Following the ride to Olorte, the next two days follow exactly the same routine as the last two days of Walking the Maasai Way. The two days are spent walking up old animal trails, through the mountain forests to the top of the Loita Hills, with the option of camping out under the stars and taking it in turns to keep watch through the night.

   Distance Time   Overnight
 Day 1     Nairobi
 Day 2 10-12 km 4-5 hours  Iltalala Camp
 Day 3 23-25 km 8-9 hours  Ilparakuo Camp 
 Day 4 40-50 km 6-7 hours  Entargotua Camp
 Day 5 40-50 km 6-7 hours  Olkoroi Camp 
 Day 6 20 km 7-8 hours Enchorro Naibor 
 Day 7 20 km 7-8 hours  Olkoroi Camp 
 Day 8   7 hours  Nairobi