Walking with Maasai is a non-profit organisation established by and for the Maasai communities in the Olorte region of southern Kenya. As our name implies, we’re about creating a sustainable partnership between various parties around the world and the Maasai with the aim of initiating community-based projects that equip, educate and empower the local people. We seek to run all of our activities in an environmentally and culturally sensitive way, promoting the conservation and wise use of natural resources.
Some our key aims to build a stronger Maasai future are:
To develop healthcare initiatives that reduce the burden of preventable disease
To run education programmes that enable the Maasai to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their use of the land
To deliver infrastructure projects that improve the quality of life in Olorte and facilitate new initiatives
To share the skills and experience of supporters of the organisation with the Maasai to help alleviate poverty
Whilst Walking with Maasai currently relies on sponsorship to run its operation, our long-term aim is to become financially independent through a joint community venture to establish an eco-tourism business. Based in a remote and very beautiful forested area of the Loita hills, the Maasai share their habitat with some of the world’s most impressive wildlife. Visitors who choose to walk with Maasai on wilderness safaris will in turn be supporting the community through the provision of much needed income and creation of employment.
Walking with Maasai is co-run by local Maasai members and partners from South Africa, the USA and the UK.
One of Walking with Maasai’s aims is to relieve the burden of preventable disease. As an area gripped by poverty, Olorte sees more than its fair share of suffering and death.
Olorte healthcare
Walking with Maasai’s first healthcare project was to open a clinic in Olorte in June 2006. The clinic was managed by Walking with Maasai and overseen by a local Maasai community committee. This clinic was a huge success and provided much needed medical care to this remote corner of Maasai land.
Mobile clinic
In its latest initiative, Starfish Clinic Project International is working in partnership with Walking with Maasai to establish a mobile clinic that will serve a number of key villages in the Olorte area. The terrain in the area is very rough, particularly in the eastern parts near the edge of the Great Rift Valley and the only way access them is using a 4×4 vehicle. The clinic will operate from a Land Rover ambulance conversion to deliver effective general healthcare and HIV/AIDS treatment to those least able to travel to the central clinic up to a day’s walk away. In addition to treatment, the service will provide healthcare education and counselling, particularly in HIV/AIDS prevention. The clinic will be run by Florence Simpano, a local nurse employed by Walking with Maasai and funded by Starfish Clinic Project International.
The Land Rover ambulance conversion is now in operation to Kenya.  More than 130 Medical Emergencies have been attended to, over 3000 children have been vaccinated and many more Maasai are treated on a daily basis..  Planning is underway to build a depot for the clinic to store medical supplies and healthcare records.