We have run a number of educational safaris over recent years that were developed specifically for UK schools linked with partner schools in Kenya. These trips are tailored specifically for school kids and their parents who want to visit East Africa and experience a bit more of the people and culture than is normally the case on more conventional family holidays to the region. The creation of this special safari came as a direct result of requests from a number of parents with children wishing to visit their partner schools in Kenya. These safaris are organised as group safaris, with a number of different families signing up for the trip.

The groups are normally made up of school children, teachers, parents and high school students and other members of the local, school community,  who all thoroughly enjoy the experience. We have taken note of the feedback from our initial trips to further develop an itinerary that combines time in rural Kenyan schools, time learning about an ancient, traditional tribal culture and bush craft with the Maasai people, intimate contact with the wild and close up encounters with some of Africa’s famous wildlife.

The itinerary includes a trip into one of Kenya’s remotest corners, in the heart of Maasailand, where white faces are rarely seen and of course to the schools near Mbita that are linked with a number of schools in the UK by the charity developmentDirect. This combination provides the opportunity to interact closely with local communities and learn about lives and cultures that are dramatically different from those in the developed world. It also provides a far more intimate contact with the environment and the wildlife, for which the region is rightly famous, than is the case on more conventional safaris.

Willetts’ extensive knowledge and experience means we have a reliable network of local contacts for transport and accommodation, most of whom we have been working with for many years. Only local guides and camp staff are used, all recruited from neighbouring communities so you are directly benefiting the people of the areas you are staying in, rather than some faceless businesses in Nairobi.

This is a unique chance to visit Kenya and not only experience close encounters with the wildlife that most visitors come to see but also to have close contact with the country’s people and their diverse culture. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something very special.