Our final stop is by one of the Rift Valley's fresh water lakes, Lake Naivasha, where the group will be able to relax and reflect on some of their experiences before heading back home.

Being so close to Nairobi the lake is a popular destination for locals as well as tourists. The ecology and feel of the lake has changed over recent years, since the large flower and vegetable farms established themselves, and the lakeshore is now a much busier place. Many of the roses, carnations and vegetables sold in Britain's supermarkets come from this area and are in warehouses in the UK within 24 hours of being picked. Despite all this new activity the lake is still an idyllic place to while away a few days and we often use it as somewhere for people to unwind after a long flight or journey.
We will be staying at Fisherman's Camp which is comprised of a large, lakeshore campsite in extensive grounds, mainly catering for overlanders and locals on weekend breaks from Nairobi. The Camp has its own bar and restaurant, where snacks and drinks are always available, but the group will be catered for by our own cooks.

Next door to Fisherman’s Camp, the Fish Eagle Inn is a more conventional hotel with a gym and swimming pool. The pool is available to non-residents, so the group will be able to pay a daily membership fee if they wish to make use of these facilities.

Bikes are also available if people want to cycle round the lakeshore to see some of the wildlife that lives in the area and boat trips can be taken to view some of the Lake's prolific birdlife as well as getting close to the resident hippos.