Moshi is situated on the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, lying on the main road connecting Arusha to Dar es Salaam and is home to the Chagga tribe. The town is often overlooked as a tourist destination, with most visitors choosing to stay in Arusha, however, Moshi is the base for many of the expeditions climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

There is very little industry in Moshi and the local economy is mainly based around agriculture, with coffee and bananas being the main cash crops that are grown on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. One industry that is worth a visit is Shah Industries, located just across the railway line in the Factory Area of Moshi. Shah Industries employ a number of handicapped people and produce a wide range of unique, hand made, leather animals as well as more conventional leather bags, wallets, belts and a range of other craft work. Visitors are welcome to go round the factory and watch the people at work.

The liveliest place in town is the bustling Central market which sells just about everything. It is a good place to have a wander and look for souvenirs although you will be pestered by people trying to take you to their stall or trying to earn a commission by taking you to somebody else’s. Local materials are a popular purchase and these can be made into blouses, skirts and dresses within 24 hours if you wish.

There are a number of very different restaurants around Moshi and we normally recommend people stay on a bed and breakfast basis and eat out in the evenings. Some places worth a visit are El Rancho, for very good north Indian cuisine, the Indotalian Restaurant, for a strange mix of Indonesian and Italian food, or the Panda Chinese for some excellent and authentic Chinese food. There are also plenty of restaurants around offering Tanzanian food if you want to try something more local such as banana stew.