We established our Maasailand Safari to cater for people who want to visit Kenya and do more than just look at the wildlife, but also spend time learning about the people and culture. At the same time we do not ignore the wildlife and spend part of the trip doing more conventional wildlife viewing in some of Kenya's world-renowned game parks. However, we also spend some time on foot which provides a very different, exciting and intimate experience of the wild and of course time with the people, learning about their way of life and culture.

Our knowledge of the iconic Maasai Tribe is unparalleled and we have used this knowledge to put together a safari that reaches into some of the remotest and least visited parts of their tribal lands. We have been working with the tribe for many years, bringing visitors into the area and, at the same time managing a large number of development projects on behalf of several UK-based charities. The majority of our staff are Maasai who have worked with us over many years, all of which means that when you are with us you become part of their extended family and have the opportunity to go beyond the more normal and superficial relationship between these proud people and tourist visitors.

Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 people and where possible, we prefer that groups are made up of families and friends.

Day 1  Arrive in Nairobi  Wildebeest Eco Camp 
Day 2 Nairobi Park  Wildebeest Eco Camp 
Day 3 Maji Moto  Maasai Community Camp 
Day 4-6  Olorte/Enchorro Naibor  Olkoroi Camp
Day 7  Labentera  Ilparakuo Camp 
Day 8-9    Oloololo Escarpment  Camp Above Where Vultures Fly 
Day 10-12 Maasai Mara  John's Camp 
Day 13  Return to Nairobi