We leave Nairobi after an early breakfast and make the drive down to the floor of the Great Rift Valley, through the bustling Maasai town of Narok and across the Loita Plains to our first camp near the Maasai Centre of Maji Moto. This is a Community run camp, close to the thermal springs, that give Maji Moto its name, where we normally arrive in time for a late lunch. After being greeted by local warriors and camp staff, who welcome us by singing and performing traditional dances you will be able to relax at the camp, or go for a short walk to visit the hot springs. You can also visit the nearby Women's Village, home to many widows and girls who have been rescued from FGM or early, forced marriage. These women earn money from the beadwork they sell to visitors and are also employed to look after the camp and provide firewood and water.

Accommodation here is in basic cottages, made using traditional Maasai building methods. After dinner and time spent sitting by the fire, talking with the Maasai about their lives and culture.