The Oloololo Escarpment rises on the west side of the Maasai Mara, up to the Lolgorien Plateau. Along the top of the escarpment a camp has been established by the local Maasai with the help of our friends in Olorte who established Olkoroi Camp, deep in the Loita Hills. Our long relationship with the people from Olorte means we have been trusted to use the camp without disclosing its location.

In attempt to keep the camp a secret the camp has not been given an official name although we refer to it as "The Camp Above Where Vultures Fly" as this is so often the case when we are sitting on the rocks by the camp, looking out over the Mara Triangle. The views across the triangle are stunning and contribute to making this such a special place to be.

There is a lot of wildlife around the camp and we can normally arrange walking trips when staying, to get close to the many giraffe, zebra and other animals in the area. Sitting in camp, looking down into the triangle with a pair of binoculars is another popular activity which can while away many hours. Elephant and buffalo can normally be seen and we have watched lions hunting and leopards moving through the grass below on more than one occasion.

Staying here makes a perfect start to a safari into the Maasai Mara, with the added attraction of being hidden away from any other visitors as it quite a way off the beaten track.