The journey north to Lake Turkana used to be a quite an expedition. Recent upgrading of the road to Ethiopia and the road from Laisimis to the wind farms, south of the lake now means the journey has become much more straight forward. However, it can still be regarded as a major adventure as it passes through some extremely barren and under-populated areas. We still prefer to break the journey, spreading it over several days which allows us to properly enjoy the spectacular scenery that we pass through.

On the first day we head to Nanyuki, close to the slopes of Mt Kenya and sitting on the line of the equator. The following day we continue round the northern slopes of the mountain before dropping down to the town of Isiolo, the frontier gateway to the north. Fast, new tarmac takes us very quickly to Laisimis where we turn west on to the "Wind Farm Road", for about an hour and half before reaching Ngurunit, a small centre on the edge of the Ndoto Mountains where we spend a night at Lasamu Camp by a dry river bed and dominated by the impressive Mount Poi.

We normally arrive in time for lunch, with the afternoon free to follow the course of the dry river, which becomes a magical playground as it climbs up into the hills, with deep pools and water slides providing welcome relief from the afternoon heat.